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Coach John Wooden Pyramid of Success

Coach John Wooden was such a positive influence in so many lives, SUCCESS magazine has brought that positivity to light in a special social media campaign. Athletes and coaches who praise Wooden’s message say the late UCLA coach made them better in many ways.

billwalton joetorre dickvitale

Bill Walton says he became a better player.

Joe Torre says he became a better leader.

Dick Vitale says he became a better father and husband, all because of John Wooden.

Considered individually, the success of Bill Walton, Joe Torre and Dick Vitale is a testament to Coach Wooden’s influence. But considered together, these men’s accomplishments comprise what many have called “The Wooden Effect,” the true legacy of John Wooden’s greatness. We’ve highlighted “The Wooden Effect” on these individuals and asked to hear from YOU how John Wooden’s personal development teachings have helped you be better.

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