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Coach John Wooden Pyramid of Success

Wooden: When Tumultuous Times Call, Get Back to BasicsYou are standing at a critical crossroads in history at a time that we need to get back to basics.

Turn on the evening news and you’ll find slander, dishonesty and filth coming from the mouths of our current and future leaders. Take a look at the role models your children look up to and you’ll quickly notice patterns of loose standards, unrealistic expectations and unworthy pursuits. When your co-worker does something that violates your personal code of right vs. wrong, you feel compelled to remain silent because of the pressure of office politics.

All this leaves you asking: Is success even possible in today’s world without sacrificing integrity or morals?

Yes. But you have to decide to take the path less traveled and that can be tough. It’s rare to see those who develop and demonstrate:

  • More integrity

  • More self discipline

  • More loyalty

  • More character

That’s because these qualities go against the crumbling decay of our current societal landscape.

If you’ve ever felt the pressure of knowing in your heart what was right, but felt unable to stand up for what you believe… If you’ve ever had the desire to discover a better, more wholesome approach to success, without having to sacrifice your integrity to do it… If you’ve ever wanted a mentor who could guide you along a more humble path to personal and professional achievement… Coach John Wooden is a great example of all of these.

SUCCESS Academy, the online learning division of SUCCESS, presents a free three-part video course, Framework of Success, where you’ll develop the skills you need to overcome any challenge, take advantage of every opportunity, and make each and every day your masterpiece.

Discover a framework responsible for building championship journeys, not just on the basketball court where Coach Wooden and his teams set numerous records, but in the game of life.

Sports legends like Bobby Bowden, Joe Torre, Bill Walton, Dick Vitale, and others called Coach Wooden their teacher, mentor and friend. But even they knew his legacy as a teacher wasn’t limited to basketball or athletics.

Coach Wooden taught what he called a Pyramid of Success, a road map for individual and team excellence you can use to set goals, take action, overcome obstacles and achieve more in life. The Pyramid of Success was the core of Coach Wooden’s Framework and success philosophy he taught for more than 50 years.

“Never lie, never cheat, never steal.” — John WoodenClick To Tweet

By studying Coach’s teachings, you can discover how a return to the fundamentals could mean the difference in your ability to achieve. Sign up for the free three-part video course Framework of Success. 

Cecilia Meis