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The Chicago Cubs Connection to John WoodenIt turns out there was a little John Wooden influence present Wednesday night when the Chicago Cubs clinched the World Series after a 108-year wait.

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Weeks before the Cubs finally took home the hardware their beleaguered fans long desired, club manager Joe Maddon shared the John Wooden theory that kept him focused during the long journey from the ALCS to Game 7 of the World Series.

“The great coach John Wooden… Coach Wooden was never really concerned so much about his opposition as he was concerned about his team doing what they do well,” Maddon told CBS Sports during the National League Wild-Card game. “So for me—and I really subscribe to that theory—let’s worry about what we do well and make sure that we do it.”

So while the team’s scouts and analytics crew studied every detail of their matchup, Maddon followed Wooden’s philosophy of focusing on what his team does well and wouldn’t sweat the rest. “I used to be a copious notes guy,” but no longer, he says. “It’s a bad way to live, man. It really is.”

And John Wooden would be happy knowing his teachings had some influence on one of the most important Series in the history of baseball, hands down Wooden’s favorite sport. That’s #TheWoodenEffect 108 years in the making.

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