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Turn the impossible into your reality with lessons from a master mentor and teacher

In this FREE video course, presented by SUCCESS Academy, you’ll learn directly from Coach Wooden and many of his students your framework for a lifetime of achievement.

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Join us as you take an in-depth look at the success attraction principles that allowed Coach Wooden to become such an influence and guiding light to so many.

You’ll be challenged to redefine your own meaning of success, and discover timeless principles for achieving true and lasting happiness.

John Wooden was more than a coach.

In his nearly 40 years as a coach and teacher, John Wooden believed his greatest responsibility was to turn his players into mature and honorable young men, who were well prepared for life beyond basketball. This was known as the Wooden Effect. He felt students’ success should not only be measured by grades and wins alone, but also by heart and character. Wooden accomplished this with his countless teachings based in personal development. Learn about the legend and the legacy he leaves behind in a new documentary event.

Coach: The Life and Legacy of John R. Wooden

Join us for the premiere of this free documentary event. The documentary short entitled Coach: The Life and Legacy of John R. Wooden celebrates the lessons and life philosophy of the legendary UCLA basketball coach. Wooden’s legacy reaches so far that he is considered by many to be the 20th century’s most revered teacher and master mentor. You’ll see seldom-before-seen Wooden footage and interviews with some of the most successful coaches, athletes and thought leaders who were all influenced by Coach Wooden’s teachings and philosophies for a successful life. Watch now!


“Make each day your masterpiece.”
– Coach John Wooden

The Importance of Constant Self-Improvement

Coach John Wooden challenged himself every day with constant self-improvement: Never be satisfied. Work constantly to improve. Perfection is a goal that can never be reached, but it must be the objective. The uphill climb is slow, but the downhill road is fast....

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Why You Should Always Give the Credit and Take the Blame

It is amazing how much can be accomplished with teamwork if no one is concerned who gets the credit. This idea was a central theme in Coach John Wooden’s leadership and coaching style. Coach was adamant that you had to have great talent to win, but he was also quick...

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Why Creating Trust Is So Important

“If you trust, you will be disappointed occasionally, but if you mistrust, you will be miserable all the time.” –Abraham Lincoln This maxim was one of Coach John Wooden’s favorites, and it became a key principle that he used to define his approach to leadership and...

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Why You’ve Got to Be True to Your Life-Guiding Principles

If you sacrifice principle trying to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. This maxim of Coach John Wooden’s is a great reminder of a key principle he learned from his father: “Be true to yourself.” Related: John Wooden’s 7-Point Creed: ‘Be True to Yourself’ In...

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Do These 4 Things When You Make a Mistake

A mistake is valuable if you do four things with it: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it. This quote from Coach Wooden is one of my favorites because it summarizes and gives instruction to some of his key ideas regarding how to deal with mistakes: 1....

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Happiness Is All About Perspective

People are usually as happy as they make their minds up to be. This maxim, often referenced by famed UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, is a reminder that the attitude we assume when faced with disappointment is truly up to us. The influence of his father helped Coach...

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The Champions

How the Wooden Effect shaped these successful people from all walks of life

Golden State’s Bob Myers and Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr and Bob Myers say UCLA coach John Wooden’s lessons and teachings helped them become the men they are today.

Cori Close

The UCLA women’s basketball coach shares how John Wooden’s lessons shaped her coaching career.